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Pixels & Prose

Pixels & Prose is an integrated UX design and branding agency based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.


The agency was born out of a deep passion for the craft of storytelling and a desire to empower businesses to create a better future for our world.

We offer a range of product design, web design, brand development and communications services. Coupling digital product strategy with communications, we offer a depth of knowledge that informs a stronger strategic approach and a more streamlined path to brand visibility.

Whether it’s through a written or visual medium, we always put people at the center of our approach. Our name represents the building blocks of our craft and the deep care we bring to the work we do.


Let's create something amazing together! 

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Our mission

To design technical solutions that have a positive impact on people and society broadly so that we can live in a freer, healthier and more just world.

Meet the founder

Over the past decade, Alaia Howell has used her innate capacity for empathy, creativity and curiosity to tell stories.

Grounded in her early experience as a journalist, she's developed brand strategies and award-winning campaigns for companies ranging from early stage startups to Fortune 500 Companies including LinkedIn, Oracle, Dropbox, MasterClass and Foster Farms. Her work has secured coverage for clients in major media outlets, including The New York Times, Reuters, CNN and Fast Company.

She went on to become a self-taught product designer, leveraging her background and strategic acumen to 
help companies design digital products that move the needle for their business while improving people's lives.

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Our values

These aren't talking points. These are the guiding principles that inform our choice in partners and vendors, the projects and businesses we support, the way we work with people and our general approach to the craft. Every strategic decision we consider is titrated through these core values. 


We actively seek to explore, uncover and understand. When something piques our interest, we dive in deeper, asking questions, and considering new possibilities. 


We believe that while technology improves precision and productivity, human creativity is the soul and tapestry of innovation. For us, it isn't just a gift but something to be cultivated.


We prioritize understanding and validating the experiences of others. It's not just about listening, but truly connecting with their perspectives, which guides our actions and decisions.


We believe in breaking down silos, both on a micro and macro scale. We architect rituals and processes that facilitate seamless teamwork, ensuring everyone's contributions are valued.


We possess the tenacity to forge ahead, even in the face of challenges. Just like our clients, we’re resourceful, adaptable, and not afraid to roll up our sleeves to find creative solutions.

Honesty & Integrity

It's not about just saying the right things, but about embodying integrity in every action and decision. We advocate for traditionally underrepresented people and speak up against any practices that do harm.

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